Know Your Brand!

Rx Experts is pleased to announce its latest solution, RxTransparency!

RxTransparency makes it easy for brand managers to strategize internal sales solutions to what best fits the market. Understanding what PBMs and payors favor can help brand managers and your sales force focus on what targets are best suited for their brand. RxTransparency does just that: gives a transparent overview of which PBMs and payors are covering their brand vs. which are not.

RxTransparency also has Brand2Brand Analysis (B2B) to help give you market insight on how your competitor is performing from an average co-pay perspective and managed care perspective. B2B can be elected as a standalone service for our bronze and silver packages.

Service Overview:

1.Calculate average co-pay for PBMs and payors*

2.Learn which PBMs and Payors require PAs, Step Edits, or have an NDC block

3.Data is delivered via rich dashboards that give your brand a true sense of market access.

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