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Meet Rx Experts

Rx Experts was founded with a single goal in mind: improve the lives and wellness of patients by improving access to their prescribed therapy. Rx Experts provides technology-infused, comprehensive HUB services that are distinguished by a high standard of proficiency, efficiency and innovation. 

Who we partner with

We partner with pharma companies big and small. We deliver driven solutions for well-established brands that want to revamp their existing platform and new brands ready to make their big opening. Rx Experts has partnered over the years with many leading manufacturers and have been instrumental in driving their success.

Our Products

We deliver personalized solutions for your brand to maximize your results. Our diverse team of clinical and technical individuals are ready to help with whatever goal you have in mind.

Benefits Investigation

Electronic Benefits investigation (eBI)

Medical Benefit Investigation (MedBI)

Prior Authorization support services

Pharmacy Performance and monitoring 

Data Analytics

Software Development

Call Center 

API integration

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